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According to Clint Eastwood, “What you put into life is what you get out of it.” The same principle can be applied to marketing.

Getting the most from your marketing starts with aligning goals, strategy, and budget with the appropriate tactics and tools. In our experience, however, most organizations tend to manage marketing at a tactical level, thus the proverbial tail that wags the dog. As a result, business initiatives fall short, and the ability to tie budget to pipeline becomes a pipe dream.

  • Do you have an inbound strategy?
  • What are you doing for outbound?
  • Is your CRM system organized by segments such as customers, prospects, partners, etc.?
  • Are you using CRM and marketing automation tools to drive campaigns
  • Do you have full transparency of campaigns and how they flow through the funnel and convert to sales?
  • If you said yes to these questions, congratulations. You need not read any further. Consider yourself a marketing rockstar.

If not, schedule a call with us today.

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