Balanced Body

Standing out in a market with too many cooks

A food service company committed to doing food differently.

Health, food and nutrition – how do you build a successful business that stands out from the rest and maintain high profit margins in a saturated meal prep industry? Hubspoke had the plan.

Working with Balanced Body was going to be a huge and exciting undertaking. No brand, no content, no website, no identity but a fresh perspective. We partnered up with the Balanced Body team to review their product, goals and objectives. Then, along with Balanced Body leadership, we got to work by establishing target market, brand messaging and advertising channels.

Once we identified their point of differentiation and prospects, Hubspoke developed a lead generation system the would help communicate that difference, nurture those leads and convert those leads to customers.

In addition to capturing leads we also worked with Balanced Body to create an ongoing content strategy plan that would deliver a world class experience, provide lifetime value and stimulate referrals.

The result? Not too many businesses (especially in the food industry) can say they broke even or even profited in their first year. With the help of the forward thinking leadership team at Balanced Body and Hubspoke’s marketing and advertising expertise Balanced Body saw a profit in their first year in business. The second year brought in even more success with their gross revenue doubling. The third year? We’ll just say they’re crushing it and looking to expand nationally.

Branding and Identity

The specialty food consumer today is hypervigilant, fully aware of what is in the food they choose to buy. They also want to ensure the brands they choose to support are fair and just. Consumers’ willingness to pay a premium for convenience and quality hasn’t changed, but their willingness to pay a premium for trust is new.

Our approach was three-pronged. Throughout the experience, we wanted to focus on simplicity, education, and convenience. Our goals were to build brand awareness, encourage engagement, and drive conversion—all the while keeping those principles top of mind.

The content hub


The Balanced Body Foods website wasn’t going to be just a website. This website would need to serve as the companies store front, accept credits cards, calculate shipping cost, store customer data and serve as companies content hub.

Transactions are driven by personable and straightforward interaction. We wanted to craft a digital experience as tasteful as the products it sells, with Balanced Body’s offerings centerstage at all times. Users can easily view their preferred products and make a purchase instantly in the comfort of their own homes. User experience enhancements and contextual information presented on product detail pages help drive conversions easily and organically. Coupons, store credits, order reminders and customer loyalty programs are offered to build brand awareness and measure user retention and conversions.

Email Campaigns

Increasing user engagement and conversions with drip campaigns

It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to spend hours painstakingly writing individual emails for every one of your customers. At the same time, you don’t want to send general email blast after email blast to your entire subscriber list. Though strategic email automation Balanced Body is able to reach customers with the right message at the right time to increase transactions by getting personal, make a bigger impact with segmented emails, boost revenue with transactional emails, sync up with the customer purchase cycle, keep leads engaged with drip campaigns.